Mission Statement

Welcome to McCormick Elementary School!

McCormick Elementary School's Vision


McCormick Elementary is committed to high academic success and growth of all our students. We strive to provide a nurturing classroom environment in which our students will be academically challenged and engaged in a student centered learning environment enhanced by technology use for maximal 21st Century access. Our students will become globally competitive and college and career ready through the leadership of teachers and administrators who have high standards of excellence and success. Parent/Guardian and community partnerships are a must to support student growth and learning.

McCormick Elementary School's Mission Statement:

We believe that providing a safe, nurturing, learning environment is the personal responsibility of every individual within the school community.  Every student is entitled to attend school in an orderly, harmonious and safe environment conducive to mutual respect and responsibility. Building relationships and restoring justice through everyday practice is essential.

We believe all decisions must be made through an equity lens to ensure maximum educational opportunities for all students.

We believe every adult in a child's life is a teacher whose values and behaviors serve as models for children to become responsible citizens.

We believe that an effective instructional program is rich in content and student engagement, providing real life application nurtured by the school community. 


Paw McCormick Code of Conduct:

‚Äč I am a McCormick Student, therefore I am...
                   - Respectful
                   - Responsible
                   - Safe
                   - Prepared