Students!!!  Check out these cool websites so you can practice your learning at home!


Cool Math 4 Kids



BrainPop Jr.

Summer Resources -

Students will have access to enVision throughout the summer.  From now until August 2nd.

enVision ~ The Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley enVision Math Program is based upon a vision of children engaged and understanding math at a conceptual level. Using problem-based interactive activities and a strong emphasis on visual learning, the text is filled with bar diagram tools, pictures of money and counters, and other visual representations to help students work their way to thinking about abstract mathematical concepts.  Your child has access to the program through BCPS One.

DreamBox ~ BCPS Students can use DreamBox Learning Math this summer.  DreamBox offers nearly 2,300 lessons with millions of paths through the curriculum. The online math program adapts to each student providing a personalize instruction in a game based learning environment.  Your child has access to the program through BCPS One.